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We sell top-of-the-line solar panels. Panels that are efficient, affordable and durable. Above all now is the time to invest in solar power. Don’t see the home panel you’re looking for? Contact us we’d be happy to supply, so long as it meets our high standards for quality and value.

MONO Solar Panel

60 Cell PERC MONO Panel featuring the Tigo-D (Diode) junction box as standard. Providing 305W in a standard 60 cell configuration allows for increased output from a small surface area.

General Specifications : 

  • Model Number : PLM-305M-60
  • Dimensions : 1640 x 992mm x 40mm
  • Weight : 18.1kg
  • Maximum system voltage : 1000V
  • Power Output (Pmax) : 305 ±3%
  • Voltage at Pmax (Vmpp) : 32.74 volts
  • Current at Pmax (Impp) :  8.86 amps
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) : 39.61 volts
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc) : 9.55 amps

Voltaic 6 Watt Solar Panel

The Voltaic Systems 6 Watt, 6 Volt solar panel is designed for faster charging of modern smartphones and tablets, but is useful for any outdoor application where about 1 Amp max output is required. Pair with either V15 or V44 battery. Solar panel is waterproof and rugged. Battery and mounting clips not included.

Size and Weight

  • 220 x 175 x 5mm (8.7 x 6.9 x 0.2 in)
  • 241g (8.5oz)


  • Monocrystalline cells – 19% efficient
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 7.0V
  • Peak Voltage: 6.0V
  • Peak Current: 1025mA
  • Peak Power: 6.15 Watts


  • Urethane coating
  • 3mm Aluminum/Plastic composite substrate

Mounting and Cables

  • Four screws on back corners of panel allow multiple mounting options
  • Output cable is 8.5 inches, 22cm long and has 3.5×1.1mm plug

*Output Description

  • Panel output is computed based on cell manufacturer’s data assuming 0% reduction of cell efficiency after packaging of cell strings. Electrical output tolerance +/- 10%. Under irradiance of 100 mW/cm2, absolute air mass of 1.5, at 25 °C, as per cell manufacturer’s specifications.
  • For maximum power output, orient the panels towards the sun. When not angled towards the sun, output will be reduced.

Flex Solar 100W Solar Panel

Ultra thin 100W Solar Panel. The highest point is the 20mm junction box.

These panels ETFE coating keeps the panel protected for a long durable life in harsh UV light. Learn more about ETFE coated solar panels.

Technical Specifications : 

  • Panel Dimensions : 1160mm  x 530mm x 2.3mm (junction box is 20mm thick)
  • Max Output Power : 102.4W
  • VMP : 18.05V
  • IMP : 5.72A
  • VOC : 21.63V
  • ICS : 6.17A
  • Efficiency 19.17
  • Weight : 1.18KG

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