Deep Cycle Batteries

High-Quality Deep Cycle Batteries Built to Last

Battery is the backbone of an inverter system. The performance and life of an inverter largely depend upon the battery quality. At CONTAINED ENERGY, we only use the best quality batteries.

We stock a very wide range of batteries for UPS, Inverters, Solar and other renewable energy solution. Our Deep cycle batteries are of very high quality with extended backup life.

HOPPECKE 7 OPzV Solar Power 620

OPzV battery 3.000 cycles and more
Recycling ensured
Made in Germany
Works at 2 V
Storage capacity: 548 Wh

HOPPECKE battery 6 OPzS Solar Power 910

OPzS Battery
Life cycle: 20 years
Recycling insured
Made in Germany
Working at 2 V
Storage capacity: 686 Wh

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Yes, we do solar system installations in every state of the country. Just call for more information and guidlines.

Yes, all products manufacturers have their own warranties. However, our guaranty is that we only buy from certified manufacturers and suppliers.

Yes, inverters and solar systems can be used for home or business depending on your needs and requirements.

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