contained energy solar panels

We love our job and we love the planet

What we do

We provide clean, efficient, affordable, renewable energy

We specialize in the sales, installation and maintenance of inverters and solar systems for homes, offices, hospitals, ATMs power backup, filling station primary power source and backup, solar street lights, solar powered boreholes and solar water heaters.

Our services include everything right from the start of your Solar Installation, through to the Solar Power maintenance. 

We put power in your hands.


renewable energy company

Who we are

CONTAINED ENERGY is one of the foremost renewable energy companies in Nigeria.

We have over a decade of experience in the renewable energy industry, providing affordable and clean energy for homeowners and businesses across Nigeria.

Through a commitment to innovative research and development, CONTAINED ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED continues to set industry standards and benchmarks for performance and sustainability.

In addition to our range of solar panels for sale and inverter system installation, we offer practical advice on how to live more sustainably, so that you can reduce your carbon footprint as well as the cost of supplying your home with energy.

Kingsley Emi Ochonogor

MISSION Statement


Our mission is to provide homes and businesses with affordable renewable-energy and environment-friendly primary power and backup solutions with quality and high efficiency.


Our vision is a clean energy running world.

CONTAINED ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED aims to contribute to this reality, through the promotion of solar energy. 

Why you should choose us

We’re a team of engineers who specialize in inverter and solar power installations, and when it comes to solar power solutions, we know our stuff.

Our values define how we do business and interact with our customers and partners.

We maintain quality and highest industry standards.

We guarantee maximum returns from our installations and products.


An engineer of high standing with more than 2 decades of experience in the field of electrical engineering and solar energy.

We are a vibrant team of young and experienced professionals.

  • Mrs. Florence Emi — Managing Director

  • Olatunde

    Oluwatobi — Technical/Engineering  Manager

  • Kingsley Ochonogor — Project Manager

  • Richie Ochonogor — Marketing Manager

  • Abiola Deji — Brand Ambassador

Kingsley Emi
contained energy solar panels


Our portfolio

Affordable and durable inverters, solar panels, batteries for all solar and inverter projects, solar equipment and accessories.


our solutions

Installation and maintenance of rugged inverters and solar systems for homes and businesses


where do we work

Our projects span across the nation, including residential and commercial purposes.