Commercial Solar Panels and Inverters

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May 13, 2014
solar water pumps using solar panels
Solar pumps with Solar Inverter
May 13, 2014

Commercial Solar Panels and Inverters

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We have ranges of  solar panels and inverters that can easily be customize to fit your home or office needs for power supply…we also help to build industrial inverters that can be used in big factories or established organizations like Banks.

Contained Energy has been involved in commercial solar panels with project execution and consultation services in some community, government and private works project, in the delivering of efficient uninterrupted supply of renewable energy.

our retention percentage is very high with our clients and customers, because over 80 per cent of them trust in
our solar energy in Nigeria. We deliver nothing but the best of the best in terms of solar energy equipment, and work with the best of technologies in the industry, no wonder our clients rely on us to deliver what they want and need.
We have successfully carried out projects around several parts of Nigeria, from the execution of solar bore hole at alaba, ojo-Lagos.
Our full house solar panel installation for a complete building at Enugu, is one of our expertise to supply cheap alternative source of electricity. Contained energy has successfully be a part of the installation of street lights around the area of iju, Lagos and also completed the design and use of a 7.5KVA to 24KVA solar panel installation.

The execution of turning a full building powered by solar energy and the use of solar energy for DC pumps, are just few of our experience and design integration techniques,
We also engage ourselves with turnkey projects with real-estates projects (installation of solar panels for housing electricity), road construction projects where there is a shortage of light, and the full project of street light installations powered with our solar technology.